Ore House rewards

Get 1 point per $1 spent. Get a free appetizer or dessert on your next visit after signing up.

Use the form below to sign up or ask your server on your next visit to the Ore House at the Pine Grove. 



Points        Value

100                                    $5

250                                    $20

500                                    $50

1000                                 $110

2500                                 $300

5000                                 $650

10000                              $1500


What is the Ore House Rewards program?

Every purchase made of non discounted food and beverage items goes towards earning rewards. On any normal night, 1 point is given per $1 spent. Be on the look out for special double and triple point events or items. Like us on Facebook, enable email notifications, or check back at Orehouse.com for updates and more information. There is no set schedule to these special nights.

How much does it cost to join the program?

The program is completely free and anyone 18 years of age or older is eligible to sign up.

How do I sign up?

Click sign up now  on the form above and fill in the relevant information. If you would like online access click "Can't access your account?" to create a new online account.

Or sign up next time you visit the Ore House at the Pine Grove. Please note, the appetizer or dessert reward will only be eligible on your next visit if you sign up at the restaurant.

How do you keep track of my rewards?

Your rewards account is tied to whatever phone number you sign up with. Simply write the phone number on the bottom of the receipt and your server will ensure the purchase goes on your account. You can check your rewards balance above or ask your server next time you join us.

Do my points/rewards expire?

Points and redeemed rewards do not expire.

What purchases are eligible to earn rewards?

Any regularly priced food, beverage, or other items are eligible. Nightly special entrées are also eligible.

What purchases are not eligible for rewards?

Any discounted item is not eligible to receive reward points. Use of a coupon, Wyndham vouchers, Sheraton vouchers, promotional gift certificates, or any other discount renders that item or transaction ineligible. Sorry, Sunset menu and any other special events are not eligible. 

Tax and gratuity are not eligible for rewards. Orders to go are not eligible.

Purchases of gift cards or promo gift certificates are not eligible.

Private dining set menu events are not eligible.

What happens to my information?

Your information is stored securely and will never be sold or provided to any third party. You may receive emails from the Ore House team about upcoming events, specials, or member only offers. You can opt out any time by signing in to your account and clicking "Update Information". From there, deselect "Please Inform me about special offers".

Anything else I should know?

You must be 18 years of age or older to sign up.

Rewards are earned by the member that pays the bill on full priced items. See list of exclusions above.

Points are non-transferable and have no cash value. 

Please allow 1-2 business days for points to show up on your account.

Federal and State tax liabilities are the responsibility of the account holder.

We reserve the right to change the program, rules, cancel or audit any account, or terminate the program at any time without any notice. List of exclusions is not inclusive and may change at any time without notice. Management has final approval of any rewards and any reward redemption. 

Please call us at (970) 879-1190 or email us at contact@orehouse.com with any questions, problems, or concerns.